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Are You Looking for Indonesia's Wood Pellet?

The world wood pellet (WP) production approached 28million tons (in 2015, ~15million for heating, and 13million for industry). Whilst, the global WP market for electric power and heating is increasing constantly, 14,1% per year. In 2020, the need of WP has been estimated enormously up to 80 million tons. Therefore, many countries such as South Korea, japan, Europe (WP import ~14million tons in 2014), US, and Canada tries to pursue the WP suppliers in tropical countries, one of them is Indonesia. As comparison, the above picture gives the example of WP price in Europe (Switzerland, Austria, and Germany) (in cent Euro/kg) and it is updated per month.

WP is actively produced in South East Asian countries that may inflict over supply in the market. WP producers should know the price situations outside. The international prices are mentioned here (and the forecast and analisis by FutureMetrics is in the curve left, in CIF, delivered to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Antwerp). The importers try to find the lowest price in those countries with a suitable requirements.

On the other hand, I received information from WP suppliers in different places of Indonesia. You could discuss with the contact persons below to explore the detail information that you may have (source of WP, Price, Specs, Quantity: ton/month, FSC certificate, etc.).
The average FOB price is 140 USD/ton; and CnF price is around 160 USD/ton.

Kalimantan (Borneo) ------------------------------------------------

Rambo       WA +62 856-5470-4486
PT Korindo, P. Banteng, West Kotawaringin, Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan (120USD/ton)
Capacity: Several thousands tons/month (material source: Eucalyptus)

Ira Chandra     WA +62 811-5709-085,
PT Gouka Indo Energy, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan (WP)
Capacity: 3,000 tons/month (material sources: mixture of hard wood wastes and kaliandra)
Certificate owned: FSC and SLVK

Wood waste (abundant, Kalimantan)
Firman     WA +62 812-5399-9851

Sumatera ---------------------------------------------------

Andi Zy      WA +62 812-601-8888
Deli, Serdang, North Sumatera
Capacity:        (Mixture of woods including rubber wood, heating value: 4200)

Williem     WA +62 811-7683-869,
Pekanbaru, Riau, Sumatera
Production: 1,500 tons/month (calorie: 4500-4700)

Banten -------------------------------------------------------

Arief     WA  +62-815-6888-043
Serang, Banten (Rp.1550/kg) (Ex-Works) (discount for large demand). 
max production: 2000 tons/month.

West Java -------------------------------------------------

Supartama Par     WA +62 813-8663-7722
Capacitiy of 2000-3000 ton/month

Edwin Setiawan     WA   +62-812-2054-2017
Ciamis, West Java, (Rp.1600/kg) (Ex-Works) (discount for large demand). 
production: 12-14 ton/day (420 tons/month).
he also seeks thousand tons of WP if your WP needs to be marketed by him. Please don't hesitate to call him.

Supriatna      WA +62-852-2122-2345
Ciamis (West Java): Rp.1600/kg (~ 120$/ton) (Ex-Works) (discount for large demand).
the capacity is around 2,500 Mt/month

Rudi      WA +62-823-1963-4768
Majalengka (West Java): Rp.1600/kg (Ex-Works) 
(max 100 tons/month)

Mamung  WA +62-811-848-024;  Fabian  WA +62-815-1803-172
Sukabumi, West Java, 400-1000 ton/month

Central Java ---------------------------------------------

Mohammad Masyhud     WA +62-856-5553-9374
Jepara (Central Java), ex-works Rp.1550.-/kg
Albasia (Sengon) (capacity: 20-30 ton/day, or 600-900 ton/month)

Eko SB Setiawan      WA +62-813-2884-1805
Central Java.

CV Sinar Dunia      WA+62-857-2651-2345
Central Java.

East Java --------------------------------------------------

Eko     WA +62 812-1608-3476
Surabaya, East Java, unlimited stock

Charles      WA +62-823-3045-6500
Probolinggo (East Java) & Solo (Central Java), Rp.1550/kg (Ex-Works)
Materials: Albasia (sengon) (max 200 tons/month)

Muhamat Jaelani     WA +62-822-5714-4150
Gresik, East Java, 1000 ton/month.

Andra   WA +62-812-5186-1322
Kediri, East Java, 500 ton/month.

Syukur      WA +62-812-8089-6800
Paiton / Probolinggo (East Java): Rp.1550/kg (~ 115$/ton) (Ex Works) (discount for large demand). max production: 2500 tons/month.

Vietnam -----------------------------------------------------

 Yansen      WA +62-815-9421-477
 Ex-Vietnam's WP (Acacia 100% from Northern Vietnam),
at least 2500mt/month, 100% deposit. Please send your WP specs to him.

Kalimantan (Borneo), Martapura
Sulawesi (Celebes) (Kalukku, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, 2 ton/day), and 
Papua are encouraged to put their data here.

Wood Pellet / Pelet kayu

Fathurrachman Fagi; WA 0812-1088-1386;

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    We are from PT. Berkah Cakrawala Wood Indonesia a reputable supplier of Wood Pellet from Indonesia, supply ability >30,000 MT/month. Currently we supply to China >10,000 Mt/Month. We have stockpile on Java and Sumatra island.

    Specification :
    - Gross Calorie Value : 
    4200-4500 Kcal, Moisture :  14-20% ( Maximum 20% due to rain ) ,  Impurities  :  < 3%  ( Maximum 3%) , Ash Content :  < 3% ( Maximum 5%) , Size  :  4-6 mm. , Sulfur : < 1% ( Maximum 1%) or by request.
    - Packing  :  Depend inquiry (bulk loose in containers ) Color :  Brown
    - Price : US $150 /MT.
    - Delivery  :  within in 14
    - Certificate  : Fumigation ,Phytosanitary,Origin etc.
    - Monthly Capacity:  30.000 MT/ per Shipment.
    - Ready to long term contracts.
    - Origin : Indonesia
    - Payment : FOB Cash, LC at sight 100%
    - Please send your Official LOI.
    - We invite you to visit our mining, stock pile and dealing.

    *) For Further Information and Order, please contact our marketing :
    Mr.Daniel Tambing, Indonesia
    Phone : 62 821 1488 8177
    WA: 62 896 8490 4616
    E-mail :

    1. Kontak para produsen WP dalam daftar di atas, guna memenuhi LOI dari Jepang itu ..

  2. Jual wood pellet pabrik lokasi jateng,
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